About JPT

Elliott Crump

Superintendent Shelby Public School District #14

(406) 424-8910

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My name is Elliott Crump and I am currently the Superintendent for Shelby Public School District #14.

My first professional teaching position took me from Carroll College, Montana, to the Czech Republic where I taught English for two years.When I returned to the United States, I joined the staff at a startup school in the South Bronx, New York City.My first year was spent teaching ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students and working to create a girls’ basketball program.In the years that followed, I continued to teach and coach while at the same time taking on more administrative duties.I started the 2008 school year supervising all subject areas at the Dr. Mary E. Walker Medical Science Academy (grades 6-8) and the High School for Medical Science.Two years later, I returned to Montana and accepted the Superintendent position in Roberts, where I spent four years.

At Roberts, and now in Shelby, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the Joint Powers Trust.I have been impressed over the years with the service and care my employees have received from the JPT.As a result, when the most recent board opening came up in 2017, I was eager to join the board and help JPT continue to successfully meet the needs of our stakeholders.I am looking forward to serving Montana and the Joint Powers Trust as a trustee.

Expect the Best!