Working With JPT

We believe that our approach to benefits and pricing demonstrates that the JPT is concerned with the overall health and wellbeing of all of our client employers and their employees. We look forward to working with you and your employees to provide you the best benefits and service that are available.


Vannesa Bargfrede

Right from the start, JPT impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence but it remains the same today. They run their business with minimal administrative charges. They are committed to prevention and wellness concepts, and provide cost-effective health benefit plans. Annually, they offer some sort of new or improved benefits for the upcoming plan year. JPT has kept our annual renewal rates very low when compared to other health insurance companies’ increases.

Choteau Public Schools

I have found JPT to be very easy to work with. Cyndy and her team are very supportive and are always available to answer questions. They have been very easy to communicate with, which is essential for me because I am a classroom teacher and my availability is limited. They understand this and support my efforts. I appreciate the programs support in promoting a healthier workplace. Healthy bodies create a healthier staff, which create a healthier place to work, therefore making our jobs more enjoyable and ultimately benefiting our students! Healthier teachers have more energy and more enthusiasm towards their jobs!

Columbus Public Schools

The Columbus Schools have had excellent coverage, claims handling, and overall responsiveness to all inquiries that have been made to the program. The program does an excellent job of promoting wellness and education with our employees. The claims handling by EBMS, the third-party administrator for the program, is a seamless function of the program. The claims administration is accurate, timely, and responsive to inquiries by the insureds. Our District has never considered leaving the JPT/EBMS relationship. I highly recommend this program to all organizations.

Colstrip Public Schools

The partnership with JPT, EBMS and now It Starts With Me, has been a beneficial on for the District's employees. Having the opportunity to be in a pool with similar groups has helped immensely with managing premium increases. JPT has proven very responsive to our needs and continues to be pro-active in its efforts to serve the insureds in a positive, professional manner.