About JPT

Paddy Trusler

JPT Chairman

(406) 883-7204

After serving for 8 years as a JPT Trustee, Paddy joined the JPT Board because he believes in the importance of quality health care. He also believes strongly in the goals and objectives of the JPT—particularly the wellness initiatives, early diagnostic screenings and the prescription drug coverage. As a board member, he strives to provide the membership with personal service and quality plans at an affordable cost.

Paddy is retired from local government administration, which included 39 ½ years and 8 years as a JPT Trustee. He is president and founding director of Polson Dollars for Scholars, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to Polson High School seniors and Continuing Education grants for Polson High School graduates who are continuing their education at an accredited four-year, two-year, community college or vocational program.