About JPT

Tobin Novasio



Occupation: Superintendent of Schools, Lockwood Schools

Length of Service: 13 years as a school administrator, 9 as a Superintendent, 3 at Lockwood; Newbie on the Board

Community Involvement: Youth Sports Coach, Lockwood Safety Committee, "Chael's Chance" Charity

Involvement in JPT: Professionally, it is a great opportunity to be more involved in the process of providing health insurance to over 250 of our employees and their family members. As well, as help me develop a better holistic understanding of what factors affect the the second largest cost in our organization's budget. Personally, your organization's focus on long term health, overall well being, and a proactive approach to heath care will allow me a chance to return to my roots as a health education teacher; that is helping members lead a healthier lifestyle.